Now that Spain is progressively exiting quarantine and the island prepares to receive tourists from certain countries - there are some important things to consider...

  • 80% of Ibiza's Summer 'small-businesses' & workforce are not actually based in Ibiza all year round. Typically they return to Ibiza during April to open their business and prepare for Summer clientele.

  • Due to continued boarder restrictions in Spain, many Summer business owners & workers will not be permitted entry into Spain / Ibiza until further notice..

  • Many of these businesses are advertising and accepting bookings ... even though they may not be here this Summer.

There's a big concern that many local businesses will not survive 2020 - and will go bankrupt during the Summer - but not before clients have paid for services.

Before you book services & make payments to any small business offering services in Ibiza this Summer - first check if they are already on the island and ready for your arrival...

WhatsApp Live Location

Fast & Simple - Verify Your Suppliers

  • Look for the contact number on the suppliers website. Almost all businesses use Spanish Mobile Numbers.

  • Ask the supplier to send you their 'LIVE LOCATION' by WhatsApp from that mobile number.

  • Accept no excuses! Genuine Ibiza Businesses will not be offended by this check - protect yourself from FAKE bookings.

Our official telephone number for Diplomat Protection Group & Ibiza Vip Chauffeurs is +34 626826042. You can check this against our Google Business Listings. Check our Live-Location by WhatsApp instantly here:

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